About Me

Let’s make visions reality.

Storyteller / Adventurer

Alison Haselden

Hi there, I’m Alison.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s impossible to pin me down into a one-word title. On any given day I wear the hats of: digital marketer, actor, yogi, traveler, storyteller, and dreamer.

Most days you can find me chilling in my yoga clothes next to my essential oil diffuser, sipping green tea and writing or planning my next international adventure. People often refer to me as their tough-love friend who tells you what you need to hear…then makes you a margarita (yup, I tend to lovingly tell it like it is, you’re welcome).

I am passionate about strategic, intentional communication, leadership development, and using art to connect with the world. As a writer, influencer, and consultant my work has been featured on several websites, magazines and company blogs.

I believe we all have magic inside us, that we are all capable of achieving our biggest goals, and more importantly that we are worthy of the life we dream of living. My hope for you as you explore this website is that you are inspired to adventure more, create more, and design the life you’re truly meant to live – all while cultivating peace and balance.

Let’s skip the bullshit and get to the fun stuff, though. Here’s a few fun facts:

1. I’ve traveled to over 27 countries (and counting!) across 5 continents (all but South America and Antarctica).
2. I worked at Walt Disney World Resort for 6 years!
3. When I’m not working, I’m probably playing guitar, testing a new (cocktail) recipe, geeking out over a new book or movie, or scuba diving.

You vibe? Let’s connect!