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Alison Haselden

Hi there, I’m Alison.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s impossible to pin me down into a one-word title. On any given day I wear the hats of: actor, writer, marketing consultant, podcaster, traveler, yogi, storyteller, and friend.

Most days you can find me chilling in my yoga clothes next to my essential oil diffuser, sipping green tea and preparing for an audition, working on a new screenplay, or planning my next international adventure. I grew up in the sunshine of Orlando, Florida but am now based in Atlanta, Georgia where I’m pursuing acting and writing for the film & TV industry. 

I’ve been acting since the age of 6, when I made my first television appearance on the Disney Channel show, “Animal Jam”. From that moment onward, I was immersed in the world of performing; appearing in print ads, commercials, film, and professional theater. In my teen years, I divided my time between Orlando, Nashville, and Los Angeles pursuing film as well as commercial music as an artist/songwriter working alongside members of the Grammy Awards’ executive board. I’m also a budding screenwriter, working on original content as well as joining teams on projects in Atlanta & Los Angeles. I’m very happy to be based in Atlanta, with secondary residence in New York City. To learn more about my acting career, hop on over to the Acting page.

As a marketing and public relations consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients in fashion, technology, international tourism and transportation, and higher education. Whether the project calls for writing content for maximum SEO value, overseeing brand management and content strategy, or coaching clients in public speaking and media training, I’m your girl. 

No matter which of my many ‘hats’ I’m wearing each day, the joy of my life is having the opportunity to create, connect with others, and hopefully leave a positive impact on the world around me. 

Let’s get to the good stuff, though. Here’s a few fun facts:

1. I’ve traveled to over 32 countries (and counting!) across 5 continents and scuba dived in 5 countries.

2. I’m the host of the podcast “It’s a Slate of Mind”, targeted towards sparking honest, unfiltered conversations within the entertainment community about the struggles we all face, but don’t talk about enough.

3. I worked in entertainment at Walt Disney World Resort for 6 years in high school and college.

4. In my free time you can find me trying new recipes, sippin’ on a glass of wine, practicing yoga, or playing guitar. 

You vibe? Let’s connect!

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